Optronic Sensor Systems Projects

The Wide Area Surveillance System
The Wide Area Surveillance System is used in the detection of small craft in the maritime environment, specifically in support of anti-piracy operations. The original prototype had a 60 degree field of view but further developments led to an omni-directional viewing capability, whilst retaining the ability to perform real-time stitching, background modelling and target tracking. In 2011, the WASS was ruggedised and modularised, resulting in two inter-operating 90 degree demonstration units mounted on a ship in 2012 for evaluation by the South African Navy.

Infrared Signature Characterisation
Modern threats are evolving to use multi-spectral sensor suites, including radar and infrared. It is therefore essential to be able to measure and model an asset’s infrared signature in order to determine its vulnerability.

Geospatial atlas of disease intelligence and countermeasures
The CSIR is using geographic information systems (GIS) to create medical atlas software for the South African Military Health Services (SAMHS).