The CSIR’s role as national defence science, engineering and technology (SET) capability is integral to the country’s security.

The CSIR is recognised by the national Department of Defence and others in the defence domain as a prime R&D agency and operates as its strategic ‘in-house’ science and technology defence capability in many areas.

Understanding the immediate and longer term defence challenges and needs, the CSIR functions as a ready, dynamic and agile SET power base with a significant range of skills, expertise and world-class tools and equipment.

Our involvement permeates business processes at all levels of the systems hierarchy and supports defence strategy and planning, tactics, doctrine and force design.

Particularly, the value contribution lies in the development and evaluation of technologies that support smart buying, smart use and the effective and informed management of defence capabilities, systems and infrastructure.

Skills development is an important component of the CSIR’s approach.   Our engineering and other specialists contribute to developing capacity, competence and expertise among South Africa’s armed forces, opening new fields of technical interest and skills to them. International partnerships also bolster the expertise scope and keeps capabilities and applications at the forefront of technology.

On the whole, providing our armed forces with the ability to detect threats, secure borders and protect the lives within, is the substance we offer the defence and security of South Africa and its people.