The research is supported by specialist facilities such as a test and evaluation laboratory, flight motion simulator, ship motion simulator and missile exploitation laboratories. The CSIR’s Optronic Sensor Systems research group can put together high-tech, multi-disciplinary teams and help customers to make impact in their client space.

Optronic System Simulator
The CSIR and Denel has jointly developed the Optronic System Simulator (OSSIM), a research tool that addresses issues relevant to physics-based radiometry, signature measurement, and the modelling of signatures, sensors and signal processing; all for the user-system that is under investigation.

Ship Motion Simulator
The CSIR undertakes research and development to support the South African Navy and Special Forces with maritime surveillance using radar systems, sensor technology and rapid response mechanisms to monitor or defend the sovereignty of the country’s oceanic terrain.

The Optronic Test and Evaluation Laboratory
The Optronic Test and Evaluation Laboratory has facilities, equipment and personnel that are used to characterise optical and optronic systems. The purpose of this is to verify specifications, empower smart and informed acquisition or maintenance decision-making.

CSIR to host satellite centre of competence
The CSIR will house a satellite centre of competence aimed at advancing space technology by building on the excisting heritage of experimental satellite development. The facility has been approved by the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).

The Paardefontein Calibration Site
The Paardefontein satellite radiometric calibration site has been established with the department of science and technology funding over the last few years. Located far away from the ocean and other immediate sources of atmospheric aerosols, it is perfectly suited for a satellite radiometric calibration site.

Motion Simulation Facility
The Motion Simulation Facility consists of several interconnected segments which, when utilised together, provides the hardware in the loop simulation capability within the Optronic Sensor Systems research group of the CSIR.