CSIR to host satellite centre of competence

Space technology increasingly provides essential information for socio-economic areas, such as sustainable water, food security, biodiversity, logistics and renewable energy. Applications of satellite data will make key contributions to innovative services and significantly improve the international market position of these sectors. When the provision of data from space is guaranteed, many more smart applications can be developed.

A collaborative approach between the centre, industries and academia will ensure human capital development, which is crucial for the sustainment of a space competency within the country. The centre will position itself to build and maintain networks, both locally and internationally, with the main technical focus of research in the areas of design, assembly, testing and calibration of space payloads. Payload development will also include synthetic aperture radar research.

The CSIR is in the unique position to have an existing testing and calibration capability of optical payloads, which will be utilised to support the EO-Sat1 satelite and other future space missions. This capability will be available to national and international partners and clients.

The world faces major economic and societal challenges, such as climate change and an ageing population, which are creating global market opportunities for novel solutions. The countries that continue to invest in innovation and can innovate rapidly will be most likely to benefit from these shifts in markets.