Watch! Blast testing

Explosive science

The CSIR’s measurement methodology is based on comparing various explosives and munitions in terms of blast wave characteristics. Elements of the research include analyses of pressure, stress, load or force, velocity, acceleration, displacement and impulse.

The acquisition of data during explosive tests is accomplished by the integration of various sensors, medium, high and ultra-high speed cameras (capturing up to 2 million frames per second), various data acquisition systems and X-ray systems. However, not all research requires the detonation of explosives. For instance, a device can be inspected dynamically or non-destructively through the use of X-ray facilities.

Ultra High Speed photography (recording speeds up to 2 million frames per second) and the Flash X-ray system are used for ultra fast diagnostics of explosive events. These diagnostic tools capture events in nanoseconds.



Title – eg.  IED with projectile of ….. on CASSPIR

IED with something else

SIMA used to test….

Landmine under soft target