Pretoria Manufacturing Workshop

The Pretoria manufacturing workshop is well equipped to manufacture prototypes, as well as the assembling of small productions runs. The work mostly focuses on land and air defence manufacturing, but not exclusively.

For effective operational support, the well-trained workforce has a passion for impact and is focused on delivering products in the shortest possible timeframe. The well-oiled facility is ready for action 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, the 3D-scanning, simulation and printing facility has proven to cut the development time from three months down to two weeks.

Apart from traditional manufacturing tools and equipment there is a computer numerical control (CNC) system, which is further supported by systems available at the Stellenbosch branch.

The facility is top-secret cleared, which enables the Techonology for Special Operations group to impact at all levels of security.


Klaus Müller

+27 12 841 2187