Stellenbosch Manufacturing Workshop

The Stellenbosch manufacturing workshop is well equipped to manufacture prototypes, as well as the assembling of small productions runs. The work mostly focuses on maritime defence manufacturing, but not exclusively.

Apart from traditional manufacturing tools and equipment there are three computer numerical control (CNC) systems. The end-to-end component design is completely automated using computer-aided designs (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. When programmed correctly, CNC machines are 100% accurate, providing excellent positional accuracy and repeatability. Using CNC machines effectively reduces the amount of time it takes to produce parts, the same part might take up to 4 hours on a manual machine, compared to an average of 30 minutes on the CNC machine.

The aim of the manufacturing workshop is to continuously explore new ways of manufacturing to save time and reduce expenses. One example of this is by designing and using extrusions, instead of cutting parts from solids.

The Stellenbosch and Pretoria manufacturing workshops share similar skills, but have different approaches. They work together closely and the relationship is mutually beneficial.

The facility is top-secret cleared, which enables the Techonology for Special Operations group to impact at all levels of security.


Alan Coetsee