Operational Test and Evaluation

The CSIR’s Technology for Special Operations (TSO) has been working as the research and technology arm of the South African National Defence Force for many years. TSO is dedicated to perform independent test and evaluations of operational systems intended for use in land, air and seaborne missions.

Tactical, observation and communication systems, personal or team equipment has been, or are in the process of being tested and evaluated by TSO’s experienced engineers, scientists and researchers. Every effort is made to ensure that the equipment tested performs according to manufacturing specifications and are fit for purpose.

TSO aims to promote smart buyer, smart user and proper upkeep of equipment in the defence force. As an independent research orginasation, it can impartially evaluate and compare equipment to promote smart buying, aiding its clients acquiring optimal solutions.

Ultimately, the CSIR aims to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our forces in the field, giving them peace of mind that their equipment will perform optimally according to each specific mission requirement.

Klaus Müller