Explosives and Demolition Support to Special Operations Forces

The CSIR’s Technology for Special Operations (TSO) chemical engineering involves chemical product design, where chemicals or energetic material is used to develop new devices and techniques to support client’s specialised environment. Modern chemical engineers are concerned with pioneering valuable new materials and related techniques. They use physical sciences, such as chemistry and physics, mathematics and also life-sciences, such as biology, microbiology and biochemistry to accomplish this task.

TSO supports its clients in the following areas:

  • Basic demolition training
  • Combat demolition training
  • Demolition exercises
  • Underwater demolitions
  • Procurement of specialised demolition equipment and goods

Energetic materials research include:

  • Formulation of energetic materials for specialised applications
  • Formulation of specialised adhesives
  • Underwater explosive effects
  • Insensitive munitions and replacement of old munitions
  • Improvised home-made explosives and effects

Niel Goslett