Engineering Capabilities from Stellenbosch

The Stellenbosch CSIR Technology for Special Operations (TSO) group works mainly, yet not exclusively in the maritime environment, servicing the needs of the Navy and special operational forces at sea, in or on water. The group looks at the whole technology space-map, assisting clients throughout the system lifecycles, working from level two to level six in the system hierarchy (DAP1000).

When assisting clients with the system lifecycle, TSO looks at the client’s requirements and performs a needs analysis. From there, the team moves into the development phases pulling resources from a multi-disciplinary group. During the production phase, TSO often works in partnership with local and international industry. When the product or system comes to the end of its lifecycle, TSO assists clients with planning for disposal.

TSO Stellenbosch approaches projects by looking at various aspects using the skills set of a group of engineers, consisting of systems engineers, logistic engineers, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, mechatronic and industrial engineers.  This complete set of engineering capabilities along with operational experts in one group, allows TSO to offer clients a turnkey product solution or system, fit for the military or commercial environment, as well as comprehensive system support plan.

Most of the engineers working at the TSO Stellenbosch office were recruited as young engineers straight after completing their studies, and placed close to seasoned professionals. The engineers mostly work in an open office environment, allowing them to interact and learn from each other whilst working on different projects. This allows individual team members to grow and become multi-skilled engineers.

All engineering work is completed at the Stellenbosch CSIR campus in a range of secure facilities, which includes a manufacturing workshop, electronic laboratory, integration and assembly areas and a suite of modeling and simulation software. A comprehensive testing facility is available where products can be put through the complete range of MIL-STD-810F tests.

TSO’s unique and most valuable contribution to the defence research industry is offering support to clients by enabling them to seamlessly integrate with other groups within the armed forces.

Niël Goslett