John Monk

Mr John Monk is a principle aeronautical engineer at the CSIR Aeronautic Systems research group.

Research experience and interests:

Monk specialises in Unmanned Aircraft Systems and modelling and simulation, aircraft design, as well as propeller design optimisation.

Career background:

Aerodynamicist – helicopter and aircraft design – manned and unmanned.
Head of the Low Speed Wind Tunnel group.
CFD group member – developing and modifying CFD codes.
Design engineer in the manufacturing programme.
Research Group Leader of the Aerostructures RG

Detailed qualifications:

BSc Aeronautical Engineering

MSc Aeronautical Engineering

Professional memberships:

Council member of the Aeronautical Society of South Africa

Programme Committee member on the International Council for the Aeronautical Sciences

Published Research:

Research Space profile


Unit: DPSS

Contact details: